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4G Mobile Phone Interference

The current consensus of opinion, within the broadcasting and aerial industry trade bodies, is that the 4G mobile phone service may cause interference which could lead to either minor or serious disruption to your TV viewing due to its very high power transmissions levels.

Various solutions to this problem have been suggested. The most favoured will be to fit special filters to each TV and recording device in the house to block out the 60 to 69 part of the broadcasting spectrum that will cause the problem. It is likely that this cost will have to be met by the consumer.

Other possibilities may include upgrading any old style unscreened aerial cables and fly leads to modern screened versions, where this is possible. Another possible alternative would be to replace the aerial itself with a new design resistant to the interference.

In the worst case scenario, if a 4G transmitter is nearby, the emitted signal it produces could completely overwhelm the aerial, causing a total loss of your TV signal. The only cure in this instance will be to switch viewing platforms to another source such as SKY, Virgin Cable or Freesat. The Government is to provide some limited financial help to certain consumers, but this may only be in the form of a single filter supplied free to those who may benefit from them.

TVconfused will endeavour to keep up to date on developments and problem solving on this potential problem area. We, and our experienced Aerial Installers, will be able to assist you with your reception difficulties.

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