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Catch up TV & apps

On all Smart devices, TVs, Recorders, Firesticks etc, to use the catch up services sutch as BBC I player and ITV hub, you need to first register for use. This is free but to do it can take me up to an hour! You need to have availiable your current working email address and more importantly the password for this email account you would have set up when you first opened it! If you don’t have it then you will have to set up a new one before I am able to help you get them working.

Poor TV Sound?

With modern slim TVs, the reduction in the size of the speakers has resulted in a loss of sound quality. By adding home cinema systems (with 3 or 5 extra speakers), sound bars, sound bases or add-on speaker systems, the sound can be greatly improved.

Confused What To Buy?

Which TV or Recorder? Size and Make? LCD, LED, UHD, 4K? FreeviewHD, Smart or 3D? Hard Drive? Blu-ray? We can provide you with independent advice on your individual needs.

Who Offers The Best Deal

internet, local independents or national chains? Who offers the best guarantees? Are they value for money?