TV Confused About and prices

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TV Wall Mounting

Existing TV moved onto wall, up to 42”, £60 plus materials - bracket, fixings, cables, cable trunking, etc.

Brand New TV, up to 42” - requiring unpacking, tuning and setting up - £80 plus materials - bracket, fixings, cables, cable trunking, etc.

SMART Brand New TV, up to 42”, requiring unpacking, tuning, setting up and connecting to the internet, £100 plus materials - bracket, fixings, cables, cable trunking, etc.

For TVs over 42” (requiring two person installation), please add extra £50.

Sorry, we do not chase cables into walls, if you require this feature, please contact us and we can put you in touch with someone who can.

*Price as of April 2019

Poor TV Sound?

With modern slim TVs, the reduction in the size of the speakers has resulted in a loss of sound quality. By adding home cinema systems (with 3 or 5 extra speakers), sound bars, sound bases or add-on speaker systems, the sound can be greatly improved.

Confused What To Buy?

Which TV or Recorder? Size and Make? LCD, LED, UHD, 4K? FreeviewHD, Smart or 3D? Hard Drive? Blu-ray? We can provide you with independent advice on your individual needs.

Who Offers The Best Deal

internet, local independents or national chains? Who offers the best guarantees? Are they value for money?

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