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A unique local company providing the answer to your Digital TV and Aerial problems

TV Tuning

With the completion of the Digital Switchover throughout the UK, the resulting increase in transmission power levels has led to several nearby TV transmitters overlapping and causing interference in the East Midlands area. This has resulted in an upsurge in TV tuning and retuning issues. Common faults appearing are receiving the wrong local news, the picture breaking up or even just NO SIGNAL message appearing on your screen! Modern digital TVs and recorders can retune themselves without you knowing, so don’t always blame your television aerial! With this current issue, and with the new 4G mobile phone transmitters and handsets liable to cause interference issues, you can be assured that using our experience and knowledge to resolve any faults or reception issues, and with our ability to arrange any aerial services for you if required, we can provide a one stop solution for your problem!

VCR Tape to DVD Copying

Full Size VHS tapes, VHS-C and DV Camcorder types of tapes

Weddings, Holidays, etc, save your precious memories to DVD before the tape becomes unplayable! We can offer a low cost solution to your problem. Turnaround is usually 7 to 14 days, prices below,

Single copy, (inc disc, case, collection and delivery) - £10
Two copies or more £5 each, plus a collection and delivery charge of £5 per order

Prices as of April 2019

With over 30 years experience, covering East Midlands, a guarantee of expert service and professional advice!

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